Tankless Camping Shower


Tankless camping showers are a great way to make camping more enjoyable. If the idea of camping leaves a bad thought in your mind then you should be aware that there are inventions available that can ease the pain of roughing-it. Using a tankless camping shower is an ideal way to get a nice hot shower while enjoying living off the beaten path. Now think about that camping trip again with the knowledge of being able to take a private, hot shower anytime you want. Things are already looking better aren't they? Another great thing about a tankless camping shower is that its uses are not just limited to camping.

How a Tankless Camping Shower Works

With a tankless camping shower you get more than just a cold, weak shower in the outdoors. Portable Tankless Camping Showers provide an unlimited amount of pressurized hot water. Most brands are going to weigh between 10 and 20 pounds. The way a tankless camping shower works is that it simply is hooked up inline to a water source. As the water passes through this little contraption it heats the water and then continues the flow through to your shower head. Hot water any time for as long as you want! The heating power typically comes from a gas like LP or propane. This allows a quick reaction when you need hot water fast. Being able to draw water from any water source is also a great feature. Streams, lake, RV water, or tanks can be easily connected to these showers. If you do hook up to lake or stream you will want to make sure that a filter or trap is installed to keep any debris from clogging it up. The operating pressure for most portable tankless showers can be regulated. Most operate between the ranges of 20 to 80 psi. There are also some models that do not require a pilot light for the gas but rather have a convenient automatic ignition. This is a great benefit because it allows your tankless camping shower to never become hot to the touch.

Other Tankless Camping Shower Uses

There are many cases where you can use a camping shower that hooks up to a garden hose and can give instant hot water. If you work on a farm then installing a tankless camping shower will allow you to shower off before you go into the house. This will help keep momma very happy. Use it for washing your pets or horse too! Is your vehicle dirty? Put the power of hot water to work the next time you wash your car. You can also take your tankless camping shower along the next time you go fishing. Use it to wash off your boat or your cleaning table after you have prepared the days catch. A tankless camping shower also makes a nice accessory for the poolside at home.

There are a wide range of uses for these types of outdoor showers. If you're going out for play or work you can take it along with you and enjoy the benefits of having instant and continual supply of hot water where ever you are at.