Coleman 5 Gallon Solar Shower Bag

The Coleman 5 Gallon Solar Shower bag is one of the no-frills, low-cost camping shower solutions currently available. It is far from a high quality bag that is designed to last, but considering the price, it is still a fairly popular option for many weekend campers. With a 5 gallon capacity, the Coleman solar shower is large enough to provide enough warm water for 2 – 5 showers. Due to its narrower diameter hose, it provides less water pressure than most of the alternatives but in-turn, you get slightly longer / more showers.

Coleman 5 Gallon Solar Shower Bag Pros & Cons

The biggest benefit the Coleman 5 Gallon Solar Shower bag offers is its ridiculously cheap price. For less than $16 bucks you get a 5 gallon solar shower bag that “should” do the job. Unfortunately, the biggest disadvantage, according to user’s camping shower reviews, is that the over-all quality of this bag is not so great. Out of 30 verified user reviews, the number one issue reported was that the seams had a tendency to split within the first few uses. This seems to be less of an issue with the most recent reviews so Coleman may have fixed this problem but you will want to be cautious with this lower price solar shower all the same.


  • Environmentally friendly as it uses the Sun’s energy to heat the water and the earths gravity to deliver it.
  • Easy on/off valve at the shower head
  • Comes with a 1 Year Warranty
  • Inexpensive enough to be used as a temporary or even disposable solution


  • Lower quality compared to alternative brands (such as Advanced Elements & Stearns) with many camping shower reviews reporting that the seams split within the first few uses.
  • Lower maximum water pressure than alternative brands.

Coleman 5 Gallon Solar Shower Bag Review

Coleman Solar Shower Bottom Line

The bottom line is this: you’ll save some money going with the inexpensive Coleman 5 gallon solar shower bag in the short term – just don’t expect it to last as long as a Stearns or Advanced Elements solar shower. In fact, considering how cheap the Coleman solar shower bags are, some users have even reported buying 2 or 3 and just accepting that one may fail but having the luxury of multiple bags until that happens.

Best Price & Availability

Coleman solar shower bags are available at many of the larger retail stores that have a decent size sporting-goods department. Of course, you’ll find the best deals when you purchase online. Click here to get today’s best online deal now.

Coleman 5 Gallon Solar Shower Bag Sale

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