5 Gallon Solar Shower Bag by Advanced Elements

The 5 Gallon Solar Shower Bag by Advanced Elements is a great option if you need a shower bag option for a larger group of people. Five gallons will go surprisingly far when you’re taking quick camp showers. With this bag, you can get a warm shower without adding too much to your gear, since this bag will roll down incredibly small when you’re not using it! It has plenty of nice features that make it a good solution for base camps of all sorts. Here’s what you need to know about this particular solar shower bag.

Features of the 5 Gallon Solar Shower Bag by Advanced Elements

One of the major features of the 5 Gallon Solar Shower Bag by Advanced Elements that makes it very user-friendly is that it includes Velcro straps for wash cloths. No more trying to figure out where to put your wash rag to keep it clean while you’re rinsing with this convenient feature!

Other Features Include:

  • 4-ply construction makes for a long-lasting shower bag that will get you through many, many camping trips
  • Weighs just over a pound when empty, so it’s easy to roll up and stuff in with your things when you’re moving base camps
  • Water temperature gauge lets you see when the water is hot

5 Gallon Solar Shower Bag By Advanced Elements Review

Pros and Cons of This Solar Shower Bag

Something that reviewers like about the 5 Gallon Solar Shower Bag by Advanced Elements is that the filling hole features a screw-on cap. It’s easy to put on with one hand, and it tightens down well to keep water from leaking out.

Other Pros Include:

  • Mesh pocket on the front is great for holding showering supplies
  • Carry handle makes it easier to pick up a full bag of water, which can get surprisingly heavy
  • On/Off switch on the shower head makes it simple to use
  • Can get two to five showers out of five gallons, depending on the length of the showers


  • According to some reviewers, the shower water does not get very hot unless you have strong sunlight. This isn’t the highest-tech solar shower bag on the market, so this shouldn’t come as a surprise. If you need really warm showers in a shady or cloudy area, it may be best to invest in a propane shower, instead.

Is the Advanced Elements 5 Gallon Solar Shower for You?

Small groups of people who want to get quick, warm showers once in a while on a camping trip will enjoy this larger shower bag. If you’re going to be camping where there won’t be much sun, though, it may not be the best option unless you just want to take the edge off of icy cold stream water.

Best Price & Availability

Some local outdoor recreation specialty stores typically stock a limited selection of solar shower bags but you will of course get the best availability (and the best price!) when you buy online – and the 5 Gallon solar shower bag by Advanced Elements is no exception. Just click here and get today’s best online price on this solar shower now and save today!

5 Gallon Solar Shower Bag By Advanced Elements Sale

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