10 Gallon Solar Shower Bag by Advanced Elements

The 10 Gallon Solar Shower Bag by Advanced Elements has some great features that make it perfect for group camping, including two shower hoses that can be used simultaneously. If you’re camping with a larger group, this option means less wait time for showers. Ten gallons is enough for four or five people to take super-short showers, or a couple of people to take hair-washing showers. These aren’t super expensive, though, so a really big family or camping group can probably pick up two or three just to have hot water ready for everyone.

Features of the 10 Gallon Solar Shower Bag by Advanced Elements

The Advanced Elements 10 Gallon Shower Bag is most unique because of its two extra-long shower hoses. You can actually set up separate shower tents and run each hose into one. They have their own on/off controls to conserve water. Another excellent feature is the four-layer construction, which is more durable than some other solar bags’ two-layer construction. Plus, these showers roll up when you aren’t using them, so you can afford to pack along more than one.

Features Include:

  • Two extra-long shower hoses allow for two showers (even in separate shower tents!) at once
  • On/Off controls on each hose conserves water
  • Durable four-layer construction
  • Rolls up tight when not full for easy transportation

10 Gallon Solar Shower Bag

What Camping Shower Reviews Say

The black outer layer of these showers means they heat up pretty quickly, even on a relatively cloudy day. Don’t expect boiling hot water here, but you can get a decently warm shower easily. Grommet tie downs instead of a handle also make it easier to hang when it’s full, since it’s very heavy. The screw-down top is nice, as well, since it keeps water from leaking. One other major pro is the water temperature gauge, which keeps you from getting unexpectedly frozen or scalded.


  • Warms up quickly
  • Grommet tie downs make it easier to hang when full
  • Screw-down top doesn’t leak
  • Water temperature gauge lets you know how warm the water is


Be sure to take some strong people with you when it comes to this shower. Ten gallons of water is quite heavy! The grommet tie downs, though, mean you can hoist it up pulley-style, which is easier than trying to flat-out press it overhead and hang it from a handle.

Is the 10 Gallon Solar Shower Bag by Advanced Elements Right for You?

If you want an affordable shower solution that will get a large family or group clean, the 10 Gallon Solar Shower Bag by Advanced Elements is the perfect choice. It’s very affordable, so you can buy more than one for an extra-large group. Camping shower reviews also note that it’s great for setting up a shower and a dish washing station off the same shower bag.

Best Price and Best Availability

10 Gallon Solar Shower Bags can sometimes be found in high-end camping specialist stores, but you’ll have an easier time finding them (and get a better price!) when you buy online. Click here for today’s best price on the 10 Gallon Solar Shower Bag by Advanced Elements.

10 Gallon Solar Shower Bag By Advanced Elements Sale

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