Zodi HP Propane Camping Shower Review

According to many a Zodi HP Propane Camping Shower Review, the Zodi HP is an excellent camping shower for anyone who wants an instantly hot shower at the campground. It’s definitely not for hikers, but for those who are base camping, it can be a great option. This shower gets water hot quickly, just as it promises, and it’s an easy to use option that won’t leave you wondering how to turn it on. Here’s what you need to know about the Zodi HP.

Features of the Zodi HP

One great thing, according to a Zodi HP Propane Camping Shower Review – the Zodi HP comes with an option for one or two burners. The one burner option uses less fuel, of course, but with two burners, you can take water from freezing cold to really warm in just one pass.

Other Features Include:

  • Temperature adjustment up to 100 degrees for a super hot shower or dish washing water
  • Pushbutton ignition makes it easy to start the pump
  • Eight foot hose with showerhead included, which gives you plenty of length no matter how far away the water is

Zodi Hp Propane Camping Shower Review Review

Best Pieces of the Zodi HP Propane Camping Shower Review

The best Zodi HP Propane Camping Shower Review noted that the shower is great for its efficiency. It can heat water really quickly. In fact, you need to pay attention to the temperature, since it can get almost too hot to use!

Other Pros Include:

  • Four gallon case for water tank also stores the whole shower so you can keep it together while traveling
  • 6-Volt water pump runs on batteries, so you can use this shower no matter where you are
  • Can be used with two 16 ounce propane containers or a single five gallon propane tank for extra ease of use
  • Plenty of water pressure to enjoy a nice, hot shower


  • One Zodi HP Propane Camping Shower Review noted that you can’t turn on the pump while you’re in the shower, since the on/off switch is submerged with the battery operated pump. If you’re traveling with a partner, though, you can just have someone else turn it on when you’re ready.

Is the Zodi HP The Right Propane Camping Shower for You?

This particular propane camping shower is great for people who value the luxury of a hot shower at the campground or hunting grounds. It works quickly, so it’s nice for larger groups, since you don’t have to wait a long time to heat up water. Weighing in at over ten pounds, this is not one of the lighter propane showers on the market, though, so if gear weight is important to you, you might want to look at a lighter option. For its weight, though, it really does heat water more quickly than most other propane camping showers.

Where to Find the Zodi HP & Get the Best Price

Some local retail stores that specialize in outdoor equipment may stock a limited supply of camping showers, but you will find the best selection – and the best price – when you buy from an online retailer. Click here and get today’s best online price on the Zodi HP shower system now and save today!

Zodi Hp Propane Camping Shower Best Price

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