Zodi Hot Tap Propane Camping Shower

The Zodi Hot Tap Propane Camping Shower provides you access to instant hot water on camping trips and other outdoor excursions. It is fitted with a nifty push button ignition that makes it extremely convenient to use. Owing to the simplicity of its operation, it can be handled by any member of your family without you having to worry about safety hazards or other accident risks.

The Zodi Hot Tap Propane Camping Shower makes use of a high power 6V water pump that ensures a steady high pressure stream of hot water. The outer covering of this propane camping shower is made of a rugged plastic material, which lends toughness to the equipment. Therefore, you can use this camping shower in harsh outdoor environments without the worry of whether or not it can stand-up to the conditions. The camping shower is equipped with a stainless steel burner which eliminates the possibilities of rust affecting the burner. The burner is able to provide a continuous stream of hot water instantly. These product features resulted in the Zodi Hot Tap Propane Camping Shower being talked about favorably in most camping shower reviews.

Zodi Hot Tap Propane Camping Shower – A Camping Shower Reviews Favorite

You’ll have a tough time finding anything but raving, positive user reviews for the Zodi Hot Tap. Zodi has a well-earned reputation for making some of the best outdoor camping equipment, and the Zodi Hot Tap propane camping shower is no exception.

Zodi Hot Tap Propane Camping Shower Review

  • The Hot Tap provides instant access to hot water.
  • It has a high degree of convenience of handling and use owing to its simple piezo push-button ignition.
  • It’s easily transported due to the tough material used to make its storage case. Also, the storage case doubles as a water container, thus eliminating the need to carry a separate bucket.
  • The Zodi Hot Tap Propane Camping Shower is also extremely easy to use. You just need to activate the push button ignition and then submerge the pump into the water source. Due to the powerful pump, a constant stream of hot water is available for your use immediately.
  • The camping shower requires 4 “D” cell batteries to power the water pump. The high pressure water stream that results has been cited as a major advantage of this Propane Camping Shower in various camping shower reviews. The use of standard “D” cell batteries is also a preference among many users opposed to rechargeable batteries because they can simply bring a few spares for longer trips without the need for electricity to re-charge the rechargeable batteries.

So, there’s a few of the features that make the Zodi Hot Tap Propane Camping Shower so popular. Obviously there must be a disadvantage to this propane camping shower – and there is.

  • The Zodi Hot Tap weighs 10.6 pounds. Carrying such a large weight on hiking and trekking excursions is likely not feasible and therefore this camping shower is better suited for base camps and car camping trips.

Best Price and Availability

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Zodi Hot Tap Propane Camping Shower Sale

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