Coleman Propane Camping Shower Review

This Coleman Propane Camping Shower Review will give you the low-down on all the things you need to know about this popular model. Known as the Coleman Hot-Water-On-Demand, the Coleman propane water heater has for a long time been one of the most popular propane camping shower options on the market, which is because of it’s versatility, usability and efficiency. If you’re wondering which propane shower to get so you can heat and pump water simultaneously, this Coleman Propane Camping Shower Review will help you decide.

Features of This Propane Camping Shower

One of the main features of the Coleman propane camping shower, according to a Coleman Propane Camping Shower Review, is that it has a rechargeable pump battery. This is convenient for those who don’t want to continually replace batteries, which can get expensive!

Other Features Include:

  • Built-in igniter makes it easy to turn off and on
  • Variable temperature control can get water scalding hot or just barely take the chill off a natural water source
  • Can heat up to forty gallons of water on a single 16.4 ounce propane bottle and one battery charge
  • Optional accessories including spray adaptor and bulk propane adaptor make this even more convenient and versatile

Coleman Propane Camping Shower Review Review

What the Coleman Propane Camping Shower Reviews Say

According to a Coleman Propane Camping Shower Review, this camping shower is great because it’s all in one and super easy to use. The water heats up quickly, so you can have a hot shower easily.


  • Comes with a carrying case that makes it convenient to take to different campsites with you
  • Temperature control is very sensitive and allows you to get water for all your various camping needs
  • Five gallon holding tank is enough for a couple showers at once
  • Extra accessories make it super adaptable for whatever circumstances you find yourself in


  • One Coleman Propane Camping Shower Review says that you have to recharge the unit every night if you use it heavily. This can be a problem if you don’t have easy access to electricity, but it can be set up to charge through the lighter in your car. Some people will also purchase extra batteries, switch them out while camping, and charge them all at home at the same time.

Is Coleman’s Hot-Water-On-Demand For You?

This propane camping shower is a great option for a family or group that really wants hot water while at the campground. It can be used for a variety of purposes, especially with the extra attachments that are available. This unit is efficient and effective, and many a Coleman Propane Camping Shower Review notes that it’s one of the best propane showers out there for campers and hunters of all sorts.

Best Price & Availability

Though you may find the Coleman Hot-Water-On-Demand at local sporting goods stores you will of course get the widest selection, as well as the best price, when you buy online. Just click here and get today’s best online price on this popular Coleman model and save now!

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