Zodi Camping Shower Tent

The Zodi Camping Shower Tent features a unique design that guys with wide shoulders will particularly appreciate. Because of the fact that shower tents are taller than they are wide, most are set up with a tapered design that’s tighter at the top than at the bottom. For most people, this isn’t an issue. However, for people with broad shoulders, it can make the whole experience a little claustrophobic. Luckily, the Zodi Camping Shower Tent is designed with these people in mind to offer just as much shoulder space as it does leg room.

Features of the Zodi Camping Shower Tent

One major feature of the Zodi Camping Shower tent is its super stable design. It looks a little funny with its poles arched out at the corners of the tent, but this makes it sturdy even in windy weather. Plus, this allows you to have a stable, self-supporting tent without using the typical tepee design.

Other Features:

  • Interior mesh pockets are a great place to stash your shower supplies
  • Open ceiling offers ventilation and makes this tent compatible with all types of camping showers
  • Auto-shut door doesn’t rely on a zipper, which can easily get gunked-up on the campground

Zodi Camping Shower Tent Review

Pros and Cons of The Zodi Tent

Something reviewers like about the Zodi Camping Shower Tent is obviously its size. It’s four feet wide on all sides, all the way up. Plus, it can accommodate taller people because it doesn’t have a ceiling. You’ll still get total privacy, even if your head sticks out a bit.

Other Pros:

  • Detachable floor makes for easy cleanup and also means you can use the tent with or without a floor
  • Overlapped door shuts easily and helps you maintain privacy
  • Can be staked down for extra stability in windy weather
  • High quality fabric is meant to stand the test of time


  • Because of its size, this camping shower tent is a little heavier than most, weighing in at over ten pounds. If you’re buying it for the big guys in your group, though, you won’t mind a couple pounds of extra weight on your trek to the campground!

Is the Zodi Shower Tent Right for You?

The Zodi Camping Shower Tent has a funky-looking design, but it’s great for people traveling with some broad-shouldered gents among them. This tent is even more comfortable for less-broad people, since it offers more room to maneuver when shaving or hair washing than most showering tents do. It’s easy to set up and easy to get to your campground, so if you want a bigger shower tent, you really can’t go wrong with this one.

Where to Get The Best Deal On The Zodi Tent

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Zodi Camping Shower Tent Sale

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