Texsport Deluxe Camping Shower Tent

The Texsport Deluxe Camping Shower Tent does have some deluxe features that are great for a showering-specific tent. Unlike other showering tents, which are often built like pyramids, this shower stays wide all the way up, which is great for more maneuverability – particularly for broad-shouldered guys in the group. The unit is also a bit sturdier than some others and will actually hold a full five gallon solar shower, so if this is the type of shower you’re using, it could be a great option.

Features of the Texsport Deluxe Camping Shower Tent

The Texsport Deluxe is really a deluxe model for Texsport, which sells some of the more affordable showering tents on the market. It features a couple of mesh panels for ventilation, and it has a towel rack on the outside, which is a nice feature. This shower also features a seven foot tall ceiling, so it’s a good size for the majority of campers. Inside, you’ll find a mesh shower bag for showering accessories, which is also convenient.

Features Include:

  • Mesh panels for ventilation
  • Towel rack outside
  • Seven foot ceiling
  • Mesh shower accessory bag inside

Texsport Deluxe Camping Shower Tent Review

Camping Shower Reviews

According to camping shower reviews, this tent works well as both a shower and a toilet area. One of the great pros is the detachable floor, which makes cleanup and packing so much easier. It’s fairly easy to assemble if you practice. Some reviewers also found the included 5 gallon solar shower bag to be convenient, particularly if they didn’t already have a preferred method for camp showering. The stakes and rain fly also keep it quite stable, which is saying something for its broad, top-heavy design.


  • Detachable floor makes cleanup and packing easier
  • Easy to assemble – with a little practice!
  • Included five gallon solar shower bag is convenient
  • Stakes and rain fly make it more stable

Texsport Deluxe Shower Tent


This shower isn’t as easy to assemble as pop-up styles, but it’s much more affordable than they are. It’s best to practice setting it up at home, as you might with a regular tent, just so it’s not so frustrating once you get out into the field.

Is the Texsport Deluxe Camping Shower Tent The Right Choice For You?

The Texsport Deluxe Camping Shower Tent is a great option for groups who want to add privacy to the campsite but who don’t mind lugging around a fairly heavy extra tent. At nineteen pounds, it’s certainly not for the lightweight camping group. But if you’re car camping, it’s a sturdy, affordable option. It may not last for ages, but it’s got enough convenient features and is inexpensive enough to make it worth replacing every couple of seasons, anyway.

Finding the Best Price and Availability

You might be able to find the Texsport Deluxe at a camping specialty store near you, but not a lot of places carry camping shower tents. Your best option for convenience – and a better price – is to buy it online. You can get today’s best price on the Texsport Deluxe Camping Shower Tent here.

Texsport Deluxe Camping Shower Tent Sale

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