Stansport Cabana Camping Shower Tent

The lightweight Stansport Cabana Camping Shower Tent is definitely one of the best options for families who are looking for a super affordable privacy shower shelter for a camping trip. It’s simple to set up but is more affordable than pop-up tents, and it has a few extra features that make it convenient to use with camping showers. While it isn’t necessarily the most innovative tent with the greatest features, it’s a simple way to get privacy at your campground, and it’s a very lightweight option, which makes it easier to get there.

Features of the Stansport Cabana Camping Shower Tent

One of the major features of the Stansport Cabana Camping Shower Tent is that it has screened, no-see-um windows that allow for ventilation. It also has a D style door for easy access, and shock-corded poles that are durable and easy to assemble. There is a small ring in the roof meant to hold a flashlight or lightweight shower head, but not a full solar shower bag, and there is also a mesh pocket inside for shower supplies and whatnot.

Features Include:

  • No-see-um mesh windows for ventilation
  • Large D style door
  • Durable, easy-assemble shock-corded poles
  • Ring in the roof for shower head or flashlight – but not a full solar shower bag
  • Interior mesh pocket for shower supplies

Stansport Cabana Camping Shower Tent Review

What Camping Shower Reviews Say

Some camping shower reviews for this product are based on misunderstandings of what this product does. It’s not meant to hold a solar shower bag, though some misleading pictures show it doing just that. Instead, it’s meant to work with a shower hose that you can run in through the top of the door, and it does that well. Many reviews note how easy to assemble this tent is and how lightweight it is. Reviewers also like that the tent weighs under four pounds, which makes it super easy to get to your campsite.


  • Works with shower hoses of different sorts
  • Easy to assemble
  • Weighs under four pounds for easy transport


  • Unlike some tents, this one will not hold the weight of a solar shower bag – not even a two or three gallon bag. However, you can hang a shower bag our use a pump style shower outside of the tent and still use it for showers.
  • Also, many reviewers note that it doesn’t necessarily stand up to the wind well, which is why you should stake it out every time you set it up.
  • Reviewers also note that the top poles may be difficult to insert into their slots at first, as they can be too tight. It may be a good idea to assemble this tent first at home, as these will often stretch out and make the tent simpler to assemble.

Is This the Right Camping Shower Tent for You?

If you’re looking for an affordable tent that will still last pretty well, the Stansport Cabana Camping Shower Tent is the best option for you. As long as you don’t mind the tent’s inability to support the weight of a solar shower, it will work very well for other showering and privacy purposes.

Best Price and Availability

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Stansport Cabana Camping Shower Tent Sale

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