Pop Up Shower Tent


Global Sanitation Solutions On The Go Pop Up Camping Shower Tent

The Global Sanitation Solutions On The Go Pop Up Camping Shower Tent is a great option if you’re looking for an affordable changing, shower, or bathroom tent that sets up in seconds. This camping shower tent features pop up technology, so you can have it set up as soon as you get it out of [...]

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Our first thoughts of a pop up shower tent are usually limited to just thinking about being able to take a shower at the campsite Although the ideas are correct just thinking about them in these terms will limit the uses for a camping shower tent. Instead let's open up our minds and explore a little farther. Even though the pop up shower tent has a main use of privacy, are you aware that it can also be used as a weather protection device? It can also be used for other things besides the camping shower. You can take it to the beach, in your back yard for the pool, on jobsites, and so on.

Pop Up Shower Tents at Home

A wonderful idea about using a pop up shower tent is using it at home. Imagine coming home from a hard days work. You're dirty, grimy, and sweaty. Going to the garage or around back of the house you can use your pop up shower tent to wash off or shower completely in privacy. This will save countless hours of not having to clean up after you have traced through the house or dirtied up furniture by sitting on it. Children playing outside or the nearby park can also utilize the pop up shower tent after a hard day of playing.

Pop Up Privacy Shelter

Among many uses for a pop up shower tent is you can also use it as a quick & convenient portable privacy shelter. Whether you're camping, swimming at the beach, or getting out of play clothes, a pop up shower tent offers a privacy barrier between you and the outside world.

Camping Shower Tent Protection

Pop up shower tents, as well as a standard camping shower tent, also make for great protection against Mother Nature. Using a camping shower tent is a great way to gain more protection and privacy. You can use a pop up shower tent as an extra storage place when emergencies such as a rain storm blows in. It can help keep your belongings dry and in one place.

Pop Up Shower Tent Assembly

A pop up shower tent can also be assembled quickly and easily. Some of these can be ready in as little as three seconds. This can be a great asset when cutting down on the time it takes to set up your campsite and get to the enjoyment of the great outdoors. Another thing to look at is a pop up shower contains the used water within your confined area leaving the rest of your campsite dry. They are light weight and easy to carry so if you're doing a lot of hiking you won't have to leave it in the car.

Adding a pop up shower tent to your arsenal of campground living can give you so much more flexibility. Adding privacy to your outdoor activities makes for a great experience. A pop up shower tent can deliver all this and much more.