Double Shower Tent


Outdoor Double Camping Shower Tent

The Outdoor Double Camping Shower Tent is a unique option for families and camping groups who want a little more than just a camping shower tent. This tent features two separate rooms, so you can set up a camp shower in one side and a toilet or changing area in the other side. It’s very [...]

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The Double Shower Tent has come a long way from draping blankets over branches. We all are looking for more convenience, even out in the woods, but are you aware there are many more uses for a double shower tent than just showering? It's true it can add double shower occupancy but there are also advantages to owning this type of camping shower tent even if you're venturing into the woods alone. They are also very handy around the house or in public areas like the beach.

What is a Double Shower Tent?

Before getting into the many uses of a double shower tent lets look at what exactly it is. This type of camping shower tent can offer privacy and security when you're looking to take a shower outside or just wanting to change your clothes. For the most part a double shower tent is constructed of five walls, four walls on the outside and one wall in-between serving as a divider. Durable and light weight, a double shower tent can be highly portable giving you the mobility you need to set up your camping shower most anywhere.

Camping Shower Tent Uses

It's easy to address a double shower tent for your shower but there are so many other uses that you can incorporate this camping shower tent into. The first is obviously showering outside. Let's say for instance that you are taking your local youth group on a camping trip. In order not to have hours of waiting on a shower you would want to look at a double shower tent. This will allow the showering process to speed up thus reducing those long wait lines. Having the proper camping shower tent in place will ease the headache of complaining campers. Another aspect of a double shower tent is using one compartment for drying off and dressing while the other side can be showering. You can also use the reverse. Have one side for getting undressed and ready to step in while the other side is cleaning up.

Double Shower Tent for Storage

Even going on an camping outing by yourself, the double shower tent has many advantages for you. You have the one side that's a shower and the other side for drying off and changing into clean dry clothes. Having a separate area to get dressed in will keep your clothes from accidentally becoming wet while showering. You can also set this extra space up as your camping toilet area thus keeping them separate.

Using one side of your double shower tent as a storage unit offers the security of keeping your belongings together and away from the elements. On the beach you can sand proof your clothes and equipment or use it as an escape from the sun. Your double shower tent can also provide a privacy shield or wind break to increase your enjoyment. Any camping shower tent will give you great advantages when going outdoors. To get the most you should consider moving up to a double shower tent. The added features far outweigh any draw backs if there are any.