Battery Powered Camping Shower


Zodi Battery Powered Camping Shower

The Zodi Battery Powered Camping Shower is the highest quality battery powered shower currently on the market. A self contained cordless water pump, the Zodi delivers excellent water flow and comfortable spray. It’s an ideal solution for cleaning up in the campsite, washing dishes, and showering anywhere, anytime. As a pump only, the unit does [...]

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A battery powered camping shower can help make the most out of your outdoor adventures. We all have had times when we where outside and needed to quickly rinse off before getting in our car or going into the house. Taking a bottle of water to do the job just doesn't quite get it done the way we would like. Rest assured - there are easier ways. Using a battery powered camping shower will give you the results you've been looking for. Unlike an ordinary camping shower, battery powered models are capable of delivering water from different sources and with better pressure making them great camping companions.

The Battery Powered Camping Shower Advantage

There are many advantages to a battery powered camping shower other than just having pressurized water from nearly any source. They can weigh as little as two pounds. Because the power pack is not required to be plugged into an electrical outlet, you have the freedoms of portability without having to be concerned with electrical outlets. A battery powered camping shower can also be very compact. This type of portable shower is mostly made from a rugged plastic for durability adding long life to the unit. The battery case itself is waterproof so you don't have to worry about water ruining the batteries. Make sure when searching for the right battery powered camping shower that it comes with a sufficient length of hose and a shower head. Most models hang with either suction cups or hooks or can do both. An adjustable water pressure setting comes standard on some units.

Battery Powered Camping Shower vs. Gravity Powered

Non-powered portable camp showers use gravity to push water down through the shower head. A battery powered camping shower uses force generated by a pump to apply pressure to the water forcing it through your shower head. A standard camping shower has to be filled when it becomes empty. A battery powered camping shower can draw water from a source such as a lake or stream. If you do get your water from such places make sure your battery camping shower is equipped with a debris screen so that it can filter any object out of the water and not jam up your pump.

Because a battery powered camping shower is a self contained unit, you can take it anywhere. Camping and the beach first come to mind but also think about, disaster readiness. Suppose your utilities at home become interrupted over the next few days. Having your own private battery powered camping shower can save the day. You can also use your camping shower the next time you want to give your pet a bath. While camping, you can use your battery powered camping shower to help do dishes. The possibilities are virtually endless.

Keep some spare batteries with you the next time you pack your battery powered camping shower for a getaway. The last thing you want to do is run out of water pressure with soap in your eyes.