Welcome to Camping Shower Reviews. We put this review site together to help you more easily determine the best portable camping shower solutions and models for your outdoor activities.

There are plenty of different portable showering solutions on the camping equipment market today, but with so much of the information scattered around and unorganized, finding good reliable and unbiased info that is actually helpful for the consumer is a serious pain. That’s why we decided to put together this site – to provide a one-stop camping shower reviews site for the consumer. We are not directly affiliated with any of the manufacturers or brands which allow us to be completely unbiased in our reviews. We do offer referral links to various different resellers as a convenience for you and a way to fund the site, but our primary focus is to make choosing and buying the perfect camping shower, whether it be a solar shower, a shower tent, or a propane powered camping shower, as easy as 1 – 2 – 3. We’re not quite there yet so please be patient with us.

About The Site

The site is a continual work in progress for our family so please bear with us as we build it out. We spend a lot of time in the outdoors and many of the products we’ve reviewed here are ones we either own ourselves or have used. But it’s not just our own personal experience that we consider in our ratings. We do extensive research on each and every product to see what other users’ experiences have been and then bring those reviews to you. Please have a look around the site and feel free to leave a comment or send us an email through our contact form – we’d love to hear from you.

If you’d like to provide a review of your own of a camping shower we have not listed yet or comment on one that we have, or recommend one to us, please contact us.